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Magnus' Award Winning Thesis: 'Social Foundations of Sense Making'

21 July 2016

Magnus Josefsson has come second in the EDAMBA (European Doctoral Association) thesis competition for his work ‘Social Foundations of Sense Making: Four Case Studies’.

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Slides from the workshop on the "Simulation of fisheries and coastal fisheries"

9 June 2016

This workshop happened on the 6/7th June 2016, Manchester Metropolitan University. The slides from most of the talks are now available.

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Discussion paper: "Staged Models for Interdisciplinary Research"

6 April 2016

This is a paper that describes the “staged modelling approach” developed during the “SCID” Project (The Social Complexity of Immigration and Diversity). This starts with a complex, evidence-led model and then progressively models that with simpler models to get a combination of rigour and relevance.

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